Flora Cusi


Executive Creative Director of FashionMilano

Flora is a digital photographer, a creative director, an Adobe Community Professional and an Adobe Influencer. Particularly skilled in Photoshop, she has traveled around Europe starting as a portraitist, and shared her passion for sharing knowledge, teaching Portfolio Building for Fashion Designers, Visual Communications, Photography and Digital Editing in Graphic and Fashion Academies.

She has created educational videos for major companies in Scandinavia and has been prolific in online teaching (digital editing and digital creativity for teachers and professors) in both Swedish and English, among the others for Adobe Education Exchange, before moving back to Italy, to her hometown Milan. There, she decided to focus on fashion and still life photography. In Milan she acts in the fashion and interior design environments as creative director and visual identity specialist.

She has a long experience working side by side with fashion designers, and has had several solo exhibitions in galleries and museums in Northern and Southern Europe. Published in books, and chosen as one of the 100 photographers for Vivienne Westwood's project 100 Days of Active Resistance, Flora is featured internationally in magazines as a photographer, and since 2018 is correspondent and photo journalist for the American e-magazine New York Style Guide.